Therapeutic and preventive turntable


Back pains – daily discomfort and tension. Traction therapy (extension) is one of the main components of treatment often the found backbone diseases — osteochondrosis, spinal disc herniation,scoliosis, etc.

Most the frequent reason of back pains – nerve entrapment of pathology intervertebral disks. The rotary table developed by us contains 540 rotating elements. It is supplied by the safe autonomous low-voltage feeding also allows the patient most by means of the convenient handle of management to regulate stretching ratio under the influence of a body weight.

Effects of traction therapy:

– unloading of a backbone by increase in distance between segments of a spine column;
– reduction of pathological muscle tension;
– intra-disk pressure decrease;
– decompression of a nerve root and swelling reduction;
– decompressing effect eliminating an incomplete dislocation in the intervertebral joints.

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