The wind generator for the city


All known wind generators as with vertical, and horizontal shaft, overelaborate and expensive in installation, mainly because of the big mast and its basis. Self-management in the world oppose to installation of wind generators in cities and settlements for a variety of reasons:

– tall masts and rotors visually deform architectonic surroundings;

– blades of generators threaten birds, being on a way of their migration;

– traditional wind are calculated for using in laminar air streams, and in the conditions of turbulence which is inevitable in complex terrain, their use is ineffective or even it is impossible;

– at work of generators there is an infrasound, making detrimental effect on human health and animals.

We develop original type of wind generator which is free from the mentioned lacks. Concerning the small sizes (height of a mast a maximum of 2 meters), self-orientating in the wind direction, it can be easily installed on the roof of any construction. Such generator is especially effective at installation on flat-deck roofs of multistorey building apartment houses, being combined in batteries till 30-40 pieces.

The received electric power can be used as indirectly (accumulating, inverting in an alternating current and directing to the electric network), as directly, for example, for water heating-up and warming. One more positive factor simplicity in service because of mast small height. Though at increase in height of installation of the device its efficiency only will increase. Current question about replacement traditional three-blade rotors on the new device in already existing wind parks with use of former masts, power supply systems etc. Possible economic benefit isn’t counted up yet, but we suppose that in case of application on apartment houses power consumption for water heating will be reduced to 25-40 % and figures will be very impressing.