The water screw with high efficiency


In 2013 year the mankind celebrated some kind of an anniversary – executed hundred years as to the traditional water screw there were no some serious changes. No, in this area works on design, change of the form of blades and assortment expansion are, of course, conducted. Or very much specific workings out, for example, improvement of acoustic parameters of screws for submarines. But one, and the most important, size all this time remains invariable – the efficiency of screws used nowadays makes 0,6 – 0,65 and in rare occurrence reaches 0,7.

It means that from each hundred horse powers brought to the screw at least 30, and even 40, are simply lost, without bringing any advantage. And traditional defects of screws – deterioration from a cavitation, cracks and fouling – these losses increase even more.

Water screw of an original design can work much more effectively; increase of efficiency a minimum on 7-8 percent is predicted. The area of its application isn’t limited by anything, it can be established as on commercial, and small size vessels to use on fleet. At its installation the distance will increase, which vessel can overcome at the same fuel consumption. Or it can move with greater speed.
Potential economic benefit isn’t calculated because of shortage of the data, but it is possible to assume that it will be literally astronomical. According to DISCOVERY, in the world on water transportation within 24 hours 1 135 000 000 liters of fuel are spent. If to admit that efficiency of a new method to make only 5 % annual economic benefit can be estimated in the sum to 20 billion dollars.
At performance of some conditions already maintained water screws can be modernized.