Race boat with a leading water screw location


One of troubles of motor-boating is stability loss by traditional hydroplanes. At high speed aerodynamic forces operating on it have great value, at classical configuration quite often leading to overturning, the most frequent and serious failure in this sport. Also the sportsman quite often thus suffers, after all it settles down in the most vulnerable and least protected part of the body. Our race boat is deprived these lacks as the engine and the water screw are transferred to the fore-body, and the racer settles down behind, in a safe zone, additional protection to it is provided with an aluminum tube frame.

Excellent stability on a course and controllability to a boat is provided with three wheels. The body representing, as such, a wing, but the moistened surface at a race boat is minimal and a boat practically flies over water, has operated surfaces on the back edge, allowing the pilot to use a turbulent air stream – the enemy number one of high-speed boats – for faster passage of a distance.

Exhaust pipes of the engine are deduced under the boat body owing to what exhaust gases inform it the additional jet moment. At the same time, the run of a boat becomes more silent, being repeatedly reflected from the white water, the sound is extinguished as a result of interference.

U.Atmats. BOOT 2012. Back from Dusseldorf


All command of “Laurita 4”, Evita, Uldis, Andis, Maris and Alexander (Zarechnev – good and old friend, water sportsman and the technical judge of the given sport – the mean assistant on all activities of BOOT 2012) have come back home. To significant other, to inhabitants of Liepaja and to all who sympathized with us and helped to get on world level water forum.

Together with arrival and installation of the self-made stand (coincidentally of organizers – on BOOT activities are usually exhibited already ready on the fantastic prices) in Germany have spent almost 13 days. Short of last exhibition day which is visited usually by the casual visitors, all exhibition days were extremely sated, interesting and significant.

To look at exhibition air it is possible on www.boot.de and in the enclosed gallery. Figuratively being expressed – combine together ten exhibition complex of Kipsala and receive approximate image about the sizes of BOOT Dusseldorf. In the complex some buses of internal movement go, in gallery the horizontal conveyor for visitors (approximately 350 meters in length) which saves time and “feet” of visitors. Various bicycles of small size, rollers and others «eko» riding are very extended. At this exhibition 17 halls have been opened, many were double (for example, 8а and 8b). The exact list of exhibitors was on 92 pages А4 format.

Contacts, contacts and again contacts… With people and representatives of owners of companies of world-famous brands which to meet very difficultly. Their opinion about “Laurita 4“», for our enterprise and indefatigability, surprises with that trade in nothing at an exhibition and were on it. Surprise and delight for our beautifully performed stand and the entertainments brought with self, our known Latvian manufacturers of sweets (we have got whose products, sweets and chocolate for the our money resources – understanding a reality of the Latvian business). Advancing the story, I want to mention that we have received personally from Arne von Heimendahl (one of BOOT Dusseldorf directors) the repeated invitation (on all same “draconic” terms – without a rent for territory) to participate in BOOT 2013. And more. Arne accented possibility free of charge at the following exhibition to organize “show” in the huge demo-pool (2100 m2). During all exhibition time of 2013 some times in day!

We are in direct contact to offers of the industry of water rest of world level, have thought and “have developed” conceptually new model of a collapsible water bicycle where as drive system the unit (device) over which patent now it is worked is used. Only having stated “Svetlana’s” (so new working out is named) concept, on the first buyer in Germany seriously interested six-seven is already guaranteed. Significantly that the first client persistently wishes to pay mortgaging money! It is significant, as well as that in Latvia we have one seriously interested. Absolutely clearly, what exactly BOOT 2012 became a basis and catalyzer to aforementioned idea, some kind of “laboratory” of a birth of the given impromptu and to movement further.

As one more considerable event it is necessary to mention a meeting with Simon Wood Power and Markus Hendricks (www.cinzano558.co.uk) which, being active water sportsman, represent the community of water sports, have invited us to England to their any (!) water competitions, promising to organize participation in them “Laurita-4”, and also the invitation to participate in record heats in the end of a season. On our shy assumptions that “Laurita” isn’t tried yet, the explanatory has followed: we (Hendricks and the colleague) are professionals and we see that the given boat will go! Would like to see it in England! With pleasure the given invitation we accept.

It would be desirable to note also sketches of possible cooperation with several representatives of the German and Dutch companies in the field of self-application and distribution of their manufacture of materials and technologies. Nevertheless it already will be other (business) the story. That fact is pleasant also that the majority of the western companies have expressed desire «through us» to move towards the east, including to Russia.

At the given exhibition awards, diplomas and medals weren’t distributed. Personal contacts, research of a technological level of branches and consciousness of were the main finding that we in our small state are capable of something serious and we can be interesting to our proud Westerners. The entertainment during exhibition time has shown that on truth about Latvia really someone heard very little and confuse to Russia or Lithuania. Obviously, means including on creation of an image of Latvia, are spent only for a self-sufficiency of public figures.

In summary, once again from all command and from myself I thank everything, has helped “Laurita-4” to reach Dusseldorf. It is a pity that I can not tell these words as well any state institution…. Ahead huge work, errors, failures, search of decisions and… A victory! As only with confidence that is done, we managed to reach at present.
The unique future for Latvia, so and for all of us, it innovative diversified manufacture!!!