NACRI Ltd. is the manufacturing enterprise, which primary activity – manufacturing of almost all difficult metal products by individual orders and the enterprises. From metal fullering (forging) and art subjects to the equipment and construction designs.
The production body of NACRI Ltd. consists of five groups of adherents (three of which brothers) which from 1996 together work at a factory of glocery and non-food metalwork/hardware and development of technical system. It gives the chance to us creatively and professionally to carry out working tasks.
All products at our manufacture – Ezermalas iela 3a, Liepaja

Products and services:
• Construction metal structures;
• Glocery industrial equipments;
• Conveyer sistems;
• Restoration of various products;
• Metal fullering (forging);
• Art subjects;
• Stairs, stair railings;
• Lanterns;
• Repair work of different equipment;
• Welding services;
• Others.

Kontakt us:
SIA NACRI, Ezermalas iela 3a, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvija

Technical director:
Uldis Atmats
+371 29517750

Financial director:
Evita Andersone
+371 26511388